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Largest, Real-Time Online Stealing Network In Nigeria. Our Core Values Are >>> Lack of Humility and Integrity, Scamming, and Anonymity (for OUR security)  

Welcome to the fake web site for Standard Trust Bank Online, a scamming firm based in Nigeria offering a wide range of ways to con you, take your money, deceive and let you with anything more than your life, if you're lucky. We are trained to perpetrated almost all our frauds schemes online real time basis in criminal hidden places all over the country and internationally. With our experience and expertise, we are able to transfer YOUR money to OUR own real accounts speedily.

At Standard (Un)Trust Bank Online

- We have moved stealing to a higher plane.
- We have gone beyond the more conventional on-line, real-time access to your accounts to rob you as fast as a blink.
- We have a comittment to customer service.
- Your money comes first (to us).


Standard (Un)Trust Bank Online
Standard Place,
Plot 1112, Oyin Jolayemi Street Victoria Island,
P.M.B 111, Lagos, Nigeria

If you want a real bank, walk a bit more to Plot 1662

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